What is Face Yoga? 15 Facial Yoga Exercises to Look Younger


Yoga is an old age discipline that has gone popular over the years. A number of benefits of practicing yoga asanas on a day to day life have been seen over the times. Yoga not only relieves us from any kind of mental stress but also adds peace to our life. At the same time, we can stay fit and healthy adding yoga to our daily routine. This ancient form of exercising is spreading like a fire all across the world and people are choosing it over gyming to stay fit.

Yoga not only extends the lifeline of person, it even makes him/her look younger, smarter, and flexible. There are endless benefits of yoga that have been covered over this blog, but today, we will talk about Face Yoga. Have you heard this term before? Even if not, we will unleash it here.Facial Yoga Exercises

What is Face Yoga (Facial Yoga)?

There are about 52 muscles in our face and exercising can help in releasing the facial tension, eye, and neck strain. The facial muscles are no different from the other muscles found in our body. These muscles tend to go weak with the passing age. But still, we can replenish them and make ourselves look more beautiful them before if we practice Facial Yoga daily. Facial Yoga is the form of yoga that helps us intoning the facial muscles to look younger than our actual age. We can eradicate wrinkles, fine lines, and bring back the lost glow in our face by practicing it in our daily routine.

Face Yoga Poses: Facial Yoga Exercises to Look Younger & Beautiful

Face Yoga is the natural way to look younger. The facial muscles are often neglected even if you work out regularly. Clenching your face muscles will help you in improving the blood circulation that results in clear complexion, healthy skin, and glowing face. It further helps in making the jawbone prominent, shreds excess fat on your face, and enhances the cheekbones. Here, we describe the best Face Yoga exercises that will bring a change in your looks if you practice them twice a day regularly for 30-45 minutes. Face Yoga before and after changes will be clearly noticeable after you start practicing it.

1. Cheeky-Boo

If you are looking to practice face yoga for cheeks then ‘Cheeky-Boo’ is the exercise to make your cheeks firmer. Take a deep breath through your mouth and then simply puff the breath from your cheek to cheek just like a bullfrog, and then release. This pose will strengthen your cheek muscles and will prevent them from looking hollow. The saxophone artists will always have firmer cheeks. Practice this exercise routinely to get plump cheeks. So, when your fingertips push into the facial muscles, the muscles push back and this makes then fuller and stronger.

2. Puppet Face

Puppet Face is another powerful exercise for the people who want to lift up the nasal labial folds. All you have to do is smile with your teeth showing and press your fingertips gently into the creases between your lips and nose. Now, lift the muscles up and press fingertips down into the muscles for some resistance. Puppet face yoga for nose even works for getting a sharper nose.

3. Buddha Face

Face yoga for wrinkles can be done by practicing this exercise routine and you will see the magic within few months. You can bring back your face to neutral in the unlined state. It is the easiest Face yoga asanas you can practice. You just need to keep calm and enchant ‘OM’ to relax your mind and it will further relax those lines. Close your eyes and visualize the point between your eyebrows, and then smile slightly. This exercise surely resets the facial habits and is like rebooting your computer. This facial yoga pose is the killer for those fine lines on your face.

4. Hey Crow, Just Fly Away

It is one of the best face yoga for eyes exercises to get rid of the crow’s feet. You need to be gentle while doing it. Lift up your lower lid without moving any facial muscle and then apply some fingertip pressure on the outer crease of crow’s feet. This will create the pressure for the muscle to work against it. Ensure that you don’t pull or drag your skin because the area is really sensitive. Also, make sure that the skin is moisturized and clean.

5. Surprise Me

It is another effective exercise to get the facial yoga benefits and remove wrinkles from your forehead. Widen up your eyes and try to expose as much whiter area as you can. Hold the eyes till water starts coming from the eyes. This expression will help you reverse the negative effects of scowling. You can even opt for face yoga classes to get proper training and then practice these poses at home.

6. Satchmo

Bend your head sideways to the left and hold it there for few seconds stretching the muscles of your neck. Now, repeat it on the right side. You can even roll your neck anticlockwise and clockwise. This face yoga double chine exercise will help you get rid of double chin.

7. Baby Bird

If you are looking to practice face yoga for double chine then this pose will prevent your neck and chin from sagging. By doing this exercise, you also practice face yoga for jowls at the same time. All you have to do is press the tip of your tongue to the root of the mouth and smile, and then swallow while pointing the chin towards the ceiling. It is an excellent exercise to tighten the skin on your neck and get a perfect jawline. By practicing this face yoga method, you are working with your chewing muscles and platysma. The platysma is the muscle surrounding your upper chest, neck, and collarbone.

8. Stick the Tongue Out

Do you think I am joking? No! Please try this yoga exercise for face to make your jawline look perfect. Stick your tongue out as far as it can go and hold it for around 60 seconds. Now, repeat this process at least 3 times.

9. Oh!

Drop your jaw to open up your mouth, and make an ‘O’ with the lips. Keep your jaw dropped and open up your lips as if you are going to smile. Repeat the small ‘O’ and big ‘O’ at least 10 times. If you are thinking that does face yoga work then trust me, it will start showing the results in few months.

10. Peekaboo

First of all, close your fists holding the thumb upright and close your eyes. Now, start moving the left thumb gently on the left eye and right thumb on the right eye. Move the thumbs applying gentle pressure on the eyes to make circles around them. Repeat it for at least 2-3 minutes. This exercise will help you get rid of dark circles and will also release the muscle tension around the eyes.

11. Fish Face

To start with it, smile while pursing the lips and then make a fish face by sucking your cheeks inside into the gap between the sides of the teeth. You need to perform this exercise at least 5 times in succession to tone up your cheeks and lips.

12. Kiss Me

Stretch your mouth as wide as you can and smile widely. Press your lips tightly against each other and kiss. Repeat it 20 times. This face yoga for glowing skin exercise not only makes your skin shine but also releases the muscle tension around lips and cheeks. You can make your cheeks pinkish and can become the owner of an aluminous smile.

13. Look Up

Place the thumbs of both your hands below the chin and hold your chin with your hands. Start pressing the lower side of your chin and move upwards with the help of your thumbs. Do this exercise for 2-3 minutes. This exercise can help you get a well-defined jawline.

14. Apologize

Pull your earlobes downwards for around 30 seconds and for next 30 seconds, pull the earlobes outwards. Now, hold the earlobes and rotate them in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. This exercise reduces the tension built in facial muscles.

15. Push & Pull

To relieve stress from your eyebrows, hold them with your fingers such that you can easily full them to the end from the center. Repeat this exercise for 2-3 minutes.

Over to You

Face yoga or Facial Yoga is one of the ancient forms that were often ignored for long years. Now, after viewing a number of face yoga benefits, the people have started adopting these techniques to look younger and make their skin glow. Facial yoga can rejuvenate your face and bring back the lost charm in you. To get a clear way to do these face yoga asanas, you can watch a number of face yoga videos on YouTube and learn from reviews of people as well. Start your face yoga sessions today and witness the change in few months.

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