How to Get Rid of Teeth Stains – Causes, Treatment & Home Remedies

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Looking towards today’s scenario, everyone is running to get their esthetics improved. The shining bright smile is one of them. The people with stained teeth are quite worried to eliminate stains from their white pearl and get a confident smile. A healthy and noticeable smile makes a person more approachable. Before doing any treatment to get rid of teeth stains you need to know what types of stains do you have?

Types of Stains

There are basically two types of stains:

  • Intrinsic Stains: These are the stains that are within the enamel of a tooth and cannot be removed.
  • Extrinsic Stains: These are the stains that are on the outer surface of the enamel of a tooth and can be removed easily.How to get rid of teeth stains

What are the Most Common Reasons behind Stains?

Now, what is the reason behind these stains? There are numerous reasons for tooth discoloration, let’s highlight some of them:

  • Tetracycline (antibiotic): When a tooth is forming, treatment with tetracycline leads to the formation of the dark pigmented on the tooth.
  • Fluorosis: The excess fluoride consumption during enamel formation can cause brown staining or mottling.
  • Trauma: A sudden hit on tooth or accident causing trauma to the tooth can lead to discoloration.
  • Smoking Tobacco: Nicotine and tar are the two substances responsible for the yellowish or brownish stains on the tooth surface. Chewing tobacco also causes dark stains on the teeth.
  • A diet containing color staining preservatives and rich in sugar: It starts depositing on tooth surface leading to demineralization, causing brownish black stains.
  • Excessive consumption of tea, coffee, or acidic beverages: The long-term or excess intake of caffeine leads to stains on the teeth. The acidic drinks lead to enamel erosion, resulting in staining.
  • Poor oral care regime: Not giving concern to proper cleaning of teeth and poor oral hygiene causes caries, gum inflammation, and staining.

Treatment Protocol to Get Rid of Stains

One should visit a dentist to get their checkup done and plan out for treatment. There are many treatment options available at the professional clinics. The dentist will help you get shining teeth. Some of the possible treatments are listed alongside:

  • Scaling and Polishing of Teeth: This includes removal of plaque and calculus from the teeth and reduces yellowish and brownish teeth stains. Polishing with fluoride gels and foam smoothen the teeth surface and reduces the post-treatment sensitivity.
  • Microabrasion: Procedure of removing thin stained enamel layer using pumice powder and hydrochloric acid. This is a quick and efficient method to remove stains.
  • Restorations: Composite restoration (tooth colored) is placed over the discolored surface of teeth.
  • Laminates and Veneers: A thin layer is reduced on effected enamel surface and porcelain dental veneers or laminates are given.

Home Remedies to Remove External Stains on Teeth

  • Baking Soda and Lemon: Mix up the baking soda and lemon and make a paste. Apply the paste to your teeth with toothbrush or fingers. If staining is hard, you need to scrub and rinse later on.
  • Salt: The abrasive property of salt help in reducing dental stains since it tears of the outer layer of stained enamel. Rub some salt on your teeth and leave it for 2-3 minutes.
  • Quit tobacco intake: Even after knowing the harmful effects of tobacco, people don’t stop consuming it. Once you stop chewing tobacco or smoking, it will reduce staining.
  • Oral care
  • Whitening Toothpastes: There are many brands promoting whitening toothpastes to lighter the shade of teeth. Go for these toothpastes.
  • Whitening Procedures: Bleaching can be performed by a dental professional. At-home-bleaching kits are also available, that can be used by an individual to whiten the teeth and remove stains.
  • Powered or Ultrasensitive Toothbrush: The thermoseal sensitive brushes can be used to prevent erosion or abrasion of teeth. The powered brushes help in the thorough cleaning of the teeth.
  • Dental Flossing and Inter-dental Brushes: Sometimes, it is difficult to clean certain areas of the oral cavity with the toothbrush. Floss is a thread like material that helps in cleaning the space between the teeth.
  • Rinse often: Rinsing after every meal is necessary to prevent acidic environment and food residual in the oral cavity. Use a straw while drinking soft drinks to prevent a direct acidic attack on the enamel surface.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide is the bleaching agent used to whiten the teeth. But, it could take months or years before the teeth get brighter.
The End Note

Poor oral hygiene and consuming tobacco are the most common causes of teeth stains. It is necessary to maintain a proper oral hygiene. Brushing the teeth two times a day and rinsing the mouth after every meal/drink is really important. Moreover, the people consuming tobacco should leave this habit as it is bad for the teeth and may also lead to cancer. Visit the nearest dentist or adopt the home remedies to get rid of teeth stains.

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